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Jul 16 2020

Commercial Real Estate – The Calm Before The Storm
With all the uncertainty out there this seems like a good time to let people know what to expect in the next few months from both commercial real estate and the economy. There are a lot of industries like hotel, ...
empty commercial office space

Jun 5 2020

What The Future of Commercial Real Estate Will Look Like
We all know that change is all around us now thanks to the pandemic and commercial real estate is no exception. Today let’s look at how it is changing as a result. I guess we have to start with the ...
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May 14 2020

Commercial Real Estate Update – Up To The Lenders Now
I hope everyone is healthy and hanging in there! Today we are going to look ahead to where decisions about commercial properties ultimately lie, with the lenders. What are lenders? They are typically banks but can be lots of things ...
renegotiate lease agreements

May 1 2020

Florida Commercial Real Estate Lease Renegotiation
If there was ever time for a blog about commercial real estate I think now would be a pretty good time don’t you? There is lots of confusion, panic and desperation out there. So what do you do about that ...
commercial real estate convid-19

Mar 19 2020

Commercial Real Estate and the Impact of COVID-19
Orin Rosenfeld from joins Jess for a #cybersidechat to discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on the commercial real estate market. Tune in to learn what's happening in the market and what options you may have with your own ...
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Oct 16 2019

The Shrinking World of Commercial Real Estate
It has been a while so time to get my blog on again. There are always lots of things going on in the world but one thing that has become much more than a trend is the fact that people ...
commercial real estate report

Aug 1 2019

South Florida Commercial Real Estate Mid-Year Report
It has been a long time since last post so let’s blog! We are about at the mid-way point of the year so let’s take a look at the market and see what is going on in South Florida. Industrial ...
Industrial Real Estate Worker

Aug 3 2018

It is has been a long time, so that means it is time to blog once again. So what is going on in the world of commercial real estate you might wonder? Well one thing is for sure, industrial is ...
Miami Building

Feb 1 2018

It has been a while hasn’t it? I have been super busy and have been neglecting the blog but not forgotten it. I am sorry. Now with the new tax laws in place it is time to blog once again. ...
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Aug 4 2017

One Crazy Economic Summer
I think the title sums it up perfectly. This has been one wacky summer, one like I can’t remember in the past, economically and otherwise. Let’s look at the issues that have been affecting the economy this summer and where ...