summer economic condition

One Crazy Economic Summer

I think the title sums it up perfectly. This has been one wacky summer, one like I can’t remember in the past, economically and otherwise. Let’s look at the issues that have been affecting the economy this summer and where ...
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Landlord Representation

Commercial Real Estate Market Headed For Recession?

That is the trillion dollar question isn’t it? There is so much going on today in so many different areas, both domestically and internationally, that affect our national and local economies. Let’s just look at what is going on today ...
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West Palm beach City Growth Plans

The Trump Effect on Florida Real Estate

Don’t worry this blog has nothing to do with politics! It has everything to do with Florida real estate (both commercial and residential) and the effect that the new president is having on it. Right now President Trump is meeting ...
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industrial warehouse florida

2017 The Year For Industrial Warehouse in Florida

There are several reasons that 2017 should see a marked increase in industrial volume which will result in lower vacancy rates and increased development to meet the increasing needs of the state. What are the causes and how will the ...
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Baseball Hotel Development West Palm Beach

America’s First Baseball Hotel is Coming to West Palm Beach

As some of you know, I love baseball. Specifically I love spring training here and have learned to love minor league and college baseball as well. A couple of years ago spring training baseball was on the ropes in South ...
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Election Excitement Is Not What You Think

Will Medical Marijuana Impact South Florida Commercial Real Estate?

This equation is indisputable and let me explain why. The issue of medical marijuana will affect all sector types of commercial real estate in a positive way. So what exactly will this mean for Florida commercial real estate? First there ...
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South Florida Waterside

South Florida Economy Looking Good

Nothing is perfect, and our economy is no different. We have real concerns about the slowing Miami residential market, the Zika virus and the toxic green algae blooms that threaten our beaches and tourism but we are going to focus ...
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Zika Virus

Florida Tourism On The Brink?

While I am always focused on the new industries emerging in Florida, we would be kidding ourselves to think that our economy is diversified enough to survive a significant drop in tourism. But sadly that prospect is now staring us ...
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Commercial Real Estate Market

Where is the South Florida Commercial Real Estate Market?

To say that there is some uncertainly in the market right now would be an understatement to say the least. Let’s take a good look at what is going on from a micro and macro perspective. From the micro perspective, ...
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South Florida Off Season

What Happened to the Off-Season?

When I moved to Florida in 2001 there were very clearly two seasons. There was the “season”, which went from November to April every year without fail. During this time people from all over the country, and to some extent ...
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Brazilian Companies US

50 companies From Brazil Start U.S. Operations From Pompano Beach

Sorry there was no photo online with this article. I have written a lot about the tremendous influx of internationals to Florida from countries to the South of us. This article looks at the tremendous economic impact that they bring ...
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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Looks To The Future

The Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, which brings almost the economic impact of a Super Bowl to the area each year, is giddy about the future. They have a 5 year plan where they see major area improvements bringing the ...
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Hyatt House Hotel

Hyatt House Hotel Coming To Boca Raton

Very exciting times in Boca Raton and all of South Florida these days! Just the other day we wrote about the prestigious Mandaran Oriental Hotel that is under construction. Today we write about yet another hotel under construction in Boca ...
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Whole Foods Going Solar

Whole Foods Going Solar – Will Others Follow?

OK let’s be honest, Whole Foods is in trouble. Their stock has been sinking, competitors have multiplied and steadily and methodically chipped away at their market share. Now Whole Foods has come up with a concept (a Hail Mary attempt ...
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US Yachts

U.S. Yachts to Soon Overwhelm Cuba?

As you know, I am very bullish on Florida’s prospects regarding the potential trade and tourism with Cuba. I told you that the tourism would begin with large cruise ships because Cuba doesn’t have the hotel infrastructure to handle large ...
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